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We use a best practices methodology developed based on years of real-world experiences to deliver actionable insights and client-specific solutions.

Clients tell us again and again the value of the technology market insights that we provide to them. TMI identifies and captures the intelligence needed to support efficient strategic and program decision-making, and we help our clients avoid costly mistakes and leverage emerging opportunities. Here's what some of our clients have to say.

"I can always count on Mary Kirson and her team to deliver actionable intelligence. Whether it's understanding market dynamics, getting inside the head of a competitor, or outlining a strong go-to-market strategy, the Technology Market Insights team brings outstanding value to the equation."
"Technology Market Insights saved us several months of effort. They enabled us to quickly assess a new market opportunity and make a more informed business decision. In another project, Technology Market Insights extracted a level of insight from our channel partners that allowed us to significantly improve our partner program."
"As a long time start-up VP of Engineering, Mary is the first person I would turn to in order to get initial market data and more importantly those critical first accounts. Any client would do well to have Mary on their team."
"Mary delivers powerful insights and recommendations that make a major difference. She has a unique ability to dig for tough-to-get details and to do adaptive interviewing that reveals root causes and patterns that no one else can find. Clients highly value the results. Mary combines her experience as a hands-on marketing executive with excellent consulting capabilities to deliver very strong analyses and research for all types of technology-based organizations."
"Since 2000, I've worked with Technology Market Insights on a variety of marketing-related projects, and I have always been impressed by their results as well as quality of work and professionalism. The results have always been excellent!"
Mary worked extremely well with the rest of my marketing team. She quickly designed and executed a market analysis that told us what was motivating our customers to purchase a wireless local area network system. This information was critically important because it formed the foundation for all of our product marketing efforts. I would enthusiastically hire Mary again."
"I go straight to Mary and her team when I need real, accurate market and competitive intelligence. For example, Mary and her team delivered an extremely valuable competitive analysis in just ten weeks that has had an important revenue and profit impact for our company."
"Mary and her team have done great work. We turned to her to complete a difficult market intelligence project. Mary not only delivered on time and on budget, but her results provided us with extremely valuable intelligence that had an immediate impact on how we do business."
"What I like best about Mary is that I get top-notch consulting from a highly experienced TMI team for one-tenth of the price of the big brand consultants."