We Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

With many thousands—and even millions—of dollars in revenues and investments depending on strategic and program decisions, executives and program teams need superior market intelligence and accurate insights to make the right decisions. Up-to-date insights and intelligence are critical to ensuring that you will be successful in your target markets relative to your competitors.

Strategic and program decisions are the lifeblood of your company. But, are you really prepared to make these big decisions? In our many years of experience in the technology industries, we have seen companies make costly mistakes, such as:

  • Allowing one individual's strong opinion to dominate discussions and over-influence decisions.
  • Insufficient recent market interaction due to a lack of time and resources.
  • Inadequate competitive intelligence, especially regarding how your competitors position themselves against you.
  • The inability to grasp the competing priorities of your channel partners.
  • Not understanding how to compete effectively as your markets mature.

Don't make any of these mistakes, particularly when it comes to key decisions.

Technology Market Insights delivers actionable, high-impact intelligence, insights and solutions that enable you to efficiently make informed decisions that:

  • Maximize results
  • Optimize return on investment
  • Strengthen your competitive advantage

We work on specific projects and also can be available on a retainer basis to help you address ongoing needs. Each client's work and results belong solely to that client. We work with each client under complete confidentiality. TMI can help you avoid costly mistakes and swiftly capitalize on market opportunities. Is it time for us to talk about how we can help you build your business?

Typical Projects

Analyzing market behavior
including solution requirements, reasons to purchase, how prospects and customers learn and decide, and perceptions of vendors for new as well as existing target markets.
Performing competitive analysis
including analyzing messaging and positioning. We can examine strategic and tactical approaches available as well as the functionality and packaging of the product or service.
Defining services and product requirements
including relative positioning, packaging and pricing as well as current and future capabilities.
Assessing channel priorities, capabilities and strategies
as well as evaluating the effectiveness of channel programs, channel needs, challenges and competition.
Evaluating customer satisfaction
to specifically identify areas of weakness, needed improvements and threats, and customers’ future plans as well as gauge satisfaction.
Analyzing new business opportunities
including business modeling as well as collecting key market and competitive intelligence.