TMI President and Founder

Mary Kirson launched Technology Market Insights in 1994 to provide technology executives with the insights and intelligence regarding markets, services and products, competitors, channels and customers so they could make insightful and informed strategic and program decisions.

As a marketing executive, Mary had also experienced the need for this type of objective input, beyond just the typical market or competitive research. She developed and deployed this methodology over decades of real-world market experiences, providing her companies with highly valuable guidance.

Mary and her team have delivered high-impact insights, valuable intelligence and powerful, practical solutions to many technology companies. Clients range from Fortune 500 companies to venture-funded startups offering services, software, and hardware to B2B, B2C and OEM markets.

CrossComm Motorola Banyam Systems Booz Allen Hamilton Wharton Rice

Prior to founding Technology Market Insights, Mary was Vice President of Marketing for CrossComm, then a rapidly growing NASDAQ-listed publicly traded company.

Previous positions also include Sr. Director of Marketing at Motorola, where she successfully redefined and repositioned a major product line in light of significant technological advances and market changes that ultimately drove the group's revenues for 3 years ($100M+).

As Director of Marketing for Banyan Systems, she built and ran product marketing and product management during the 3-year period when annual revenues grew from $3 million to over $80 million.

Management consultant and manager for a leading global strategy and technology consulting firm.

Mary offers both business and technology expertise. She holds an M.B.A. from Wharton and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rice University.

The TMI Team

Our team is comprised of professionals with a range of practical line experience and analytical expertise. Team skills and experience include extensive product marketing and product management, partner and relationship management, strategy creation, research, internet and web expertise, and database and analytical skills.

We take pride in ensuring that each client team has the right mix of capabilities and experience to most efficiently deliver results with excellence.

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